It’s time to shed some light on Liverpool’s latest and rising musician, Dan Croll. The 21-year old singer/songwriter was born and raised in Staffordshire before enrolling in LIPA  (Liverpool’s Institute for Performing Arts) for undergraduate studies. 

Growing up with a dominant musical background in his family, Croll began composing music and writing lyrics at the age of 14. Until attending LIPA, he was greatly influenced by the variety of cultures and international sounds of his fellow peers. Thus, creating his own unique style heavily influenced by French music, African choir vocals, Scandinavian folk, 1960’s psychedelia and foreign drumbeats. I mean, talk about being diverse!

The highly infectious, first official single “From Nowhere” has put this Liverpool native on the map literally from out of nowhere. With only one released track, Dan Croll already has become written and raved about from music bloggers all over the internet.

As he is quickly circulating through the blogosphere and gaining some much deserved attention, Dan Croll is definitely someone you should be keeping an eye on.

Dan is currently working on his full length debut aimed to be released sometime in 2013.

-Scott D.


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